Business Opportunities

For those of you who are either unemployed or underemployed and want to continue using your skills that you know so well, please read on.

I too have been downsized. It has been a long haul. However, somehow, I figured out where I needed to be in order to repeat previously achieved successes, perhaps not in the same way, but successes nevertheless. I went back to school and learned how to fix computers. I went from a computer program designer and developer to the standard five and ten cents computer technician, with two differences. I am working for myself and I have the confidence that I knew much more than most computer technicians because I came in with much more of a knowledge base. I was not only technically savy but also business savy. I am more than my job title.

Also working for myself, I live and die based on my own decisions, not on someone else’s decisions. If I fail, I have no one else to blame but myself. If I succeeded, I get all the glory. If I fail, I can only blame myself. I became free and created a business that is ethical, that wants to provide value for the resources spent, and a business where which customers are happy with my work.

If you want that type of an environment, if you want to be your own boss, live with some ethical standards, and make a difference to the people that you serve, forward your resume to us. We will see where we can work together for the benefit of everyone.


We are looking for the following skills to be used in small businesses and organizations:

You can be in your own business as an independent contractor with total control of whatever you are working on, as long as you are honest, ethical, oriented to the customer, and have a desire to make people happy by providing value added services. The ultimate goal is to become a family in a thriving business succeeding on good ethics and good deeds.

May you become who you were meant to be.