How We Think

Our mission is to provide computer technical services at reasonable rates.

There is an old story of an old man with a cart peddling apples. He has a sign on his cart: $10,000 per apple. A friend of his asks him: Who is going to buy an apple for $10,000? His reply: I only need one buyer.

Our response to the above scenario is that we would rather sell 1,000 apples at $1.00 per apple, thereby acquiring 1,000 new and repeat customers, than make a one time killing. We would then be going from a zero probability of success to something closer to 100%. Hoping to get a few customers at inflated prices is not a business plan that will work in the long run. This is called gambling with very little chance of success. It is also a way of doing business that has questionable and nefarious overtones.

Our business is not based on the quick and big sale. It is based on providing computer competency on a perpetual and continuing basis. We want to end the day with happy and contented customers who will call us again and again to solve their ongoingcomputer problems, recommending us to their friends and their business partners.

We try to embody the following core principals: