I first met Harry Strout when I needed help with my pc, quickly. Another computer expert who had been recommended to me did not respond to my two phone messages over a two-day period. In frustration and not knowing what else to do, I called Harry after finding his ad in our local newspaper. What a fortunate find for me! Harry came to my office and solved my computer problems on very short notice. Since then I've called on him to help with additional problems. Each time he has responded quickly and resolved my issues cost-effectively. I am not a computer expert and don't intend to spend the time learning to be one, since my time is best spent applying my other skills and expertise. However, as with most business people, I am dependent on my computer to get my work done. Keeping my computer working well and fixing problems quickly is critically important to me. Harry is my answer to that challenge.

Pam Armstrong, Principal, Health Benefits Design Group
Walnut Creek, CA

Harry Strout has proven himself unusually knowledgeable and capable. His follow-up, reliability, commitment to service and energy are outstanding. I recommend this computer-savvy professional to anyone.

Johanna Welty, Realtor/Fine Home Specialist Alain Pinel Realty,
Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. Strout has worked with me now for over three and a half years in resolving my computer problems. He has a diversity of skills and a way of explaining himself that is refreshing. I always know that I can count on him. And the best part is that when he does not know something, he is not afraid of saying so. He either can solve the problem through his own independent research or he calls on other resources to help him solve the problem.

National Council of Building Design Certification Administrator
Walnut Creek, CA

I met Mr. Strout in October 2001 when he started taking Oracle classes at TechSkills.com for his certification as an Oracle Database Administrator. I found that he came in with a wealth of computer knowledge and a way of expressing that knowledge that was direct, energetic, and exciting. He had no problems passing the five Oracle exams. He then went on to pass his certification exams as a computer hardware and software technical specialist (Comptia A+). During that time he volunteered his knowledge and services in assisting other students in their studies. I have stayed in touch with him since then and believe that whatever he does he does with energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and competency.

Arnold Martelli,
Former TechSkills.com Instructor, Modesto, CA

I have found Mr. Strout to be a technical oasis in the technical landscape. I have known him for over four years and refer to him whenever I come across issues that I have trouble with. He is analytical, thorough, detailed, conscientious, and persistent in solving computer problems. He also has a pleasant way in which he deals with his customers.

Ralph Stone
Computer Consultant, Walnut Creek, CA

I highly recommend Harry Strout to anyone who is as computer dense as I am. He came to my house because I had a computer that had become “frozen in time” and he very quickly solved the problem. Not only did he rescue my sanity, he also provided me with some very helpful suggestions and instructions on the use of my computer. For those of you fortunate enough to understand these infernal machines, Harry is still a good man to turn to when you have tried everything to no avail. He will persevere and do the job.

Doris Bilse
Walnut Creek, CA

Harry Strout was more than helpful to us when we were having trouble with our computer response speed. He diagnosed and corrected the problem and replaced a bad computer monitor to our complete satisfaction. While he was here, he advised us of potential problems with Internet spying and with the need for anti virus protection. He installed anti spyware and anti virus protection programs for us so that we would be protected from these menaces. Harry was punctual in his arrival, quick in his work, and did an excellent job for us. We recommend him highly.

Barbara and Richard Lemyre
Pleasant Hill, CA