Who I Am

I have been involved in Information Technology for over thirty years working for some very well known corporations, primarily as a business application designer, developer, project manager, trainer, system acceptance tester, documentation and implementation specialist, mainly in financial application areas.

I started working in New York City and moved to San Francisco (1994) via Los Angeles (1986). Over that period of time, I have held positions with the following functional responsibilities:

My last corporate position was as an independent consultant for a Scottsdale, Arizona company specializing in custom designed interactive voice response systems. That assignment ended on Friday, August 31, 2001, eleven days prior to September 11, 2001.

Seeing that the economy was weak in 2001 and even weaker after the New York Twin Tower disaster, that many I.T. positions were being either "off shored" or reduced in force, I realized that the world had changed and that I needed to change with it. I went back to school, learned Oracle Data Base Administration, computer repair, gained additional knowledge on the three operating systems that I was familiar with (Windows, Linux, and Unix), and started my own computer consulting business, in April of 2003, to provide local computing capabilities to individuals and small businesses in the San Francisco bay area.